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Cocochoco is a company operating in the United Kingdom, selling products used to nourish and straighten hair in professional hairdressing salons. Their offer includes substances used in the so called "keratin treatment". The procedure performed with the use of these products relaxes and revitalises broken and tired hair. Depending on the hairdresser and his abilities, he can offer a traditional treatment or a method known as Brazilian blowout - which is much faster, while still being incredibly effective.

Brazilian blowout

Brazilian blowout is a method of professionally smoothing and straightening hair, first used in Southern America by women who wanted to have more lavish and nourished hair. To perform this service, a hairdresser needs to equip his salon with the keratin-based products. The clients may want to choose either a traditional treatment or decide on the method known as Brazilian blowout. The latter is much faster and does not require the client to wash their hair after the procedure on their own, as well as it is characterised by its long lasting effects.

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