Rich in proteins keratin formula

Cocochoco is a company specialising in the production of substances used by hairdressers in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Their most popular products are used in a keratin treatment, known also as Brazilian hair straightening. It is a procedure performed by a qualified specialist used for taming curly hair, but also for nourishing it with proteins and other healthy elements. The company prepared a number of different formulas, along with shampoos, conditioners and masks used by the hairdresser.

Brazilian hair straightening

A fairly new procedure, Brazilian hair straightening, is one of the most effective ways of taming unruly and curly hair. Its first step is thoroughly washing it with a clarifying shampoo, which is a base for the keratin formula. Then, the product is applied carefully by the hairdresser, section by section. The very next step is drying the hair, until its is barely damp. To seal the product, the hairdresser uses flat iron, which activates the proteins keratin is famous for. Cocochoco's products are used for Brazilian hair straightening in salons all over the UK.

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