Melee and firearms replicas store

Online shop, Globalreplicas, is supplied by the most experienced and creative manufacturers from all around the world. Their replicas are inspired by weapons from many different time periods and are well suited for men and women alike. No one has to be a keen participant of historical live reconstructions, but the unique chance of the contact with a beautiful, timeless, almost mythical object is something really exclusive and extremely rare today. Why not begin the collecting adventure with the figurines of knights and soldiers crafted with the attention to every detail? Kids will surely appreciate that.

Melee and firearms replicas store

The spirit of overseas trips of gallant and invincible Vikings lives in many hearts of women, men and adventurous young people today. In the Viking age every free soul, not only kings or nobles, could carry a weapon. The Scandinavian warriors were famous for their strength and great battle skills. Every Viking sword had its own estimable history, and that was partly due to the outstanding process of the sword's forging and decorating. A sword constituted a symbol of virtue of fortitude, and for a true history fan it may also be an inspiration to draw upon today.

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