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The pace of today's world is fast and unforgiving - people work, travel, eat and enjoy their hobbies - all to be content with life. More often than not, it means that they do not have enough time to focus on less crucial for their well-being, but still extremely practical activities. They forget to wash their car or cannot manage to thoroughly clean their place, because they are constantly rushing somewhere. Tidy Job is a company that is going to take care of vehicle and home cleaning for people who cannot arrange doing that on their own. They work in Dundee and are known as a quick and efficient team, always carrying out their tasks with an expertise and dedication.

Professionals taking care of home cleaning

The company offers home cleaning including studio apartments, a 3- and 4-bedroom flats, but also larger houses and mansions. Their customers differ greatly - some of them simply want to employ their services one time - commissioning them with end of tenancy or after a party cleaning, while the others want to enjoy their lasting assistance. In this situation the company meets up with the customer to establish the exact range of home cleaning they expect to be done on the regular, its frequency and the price of such services.

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