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CodeConcept is a company located in Poland, which provides its customers with IT and software outsourcing. Their range of services is broad and includes mobile and web applications, custom-built systems, as well as many training programs. The firms, which decide to work with CodeConcept, can also count on professional IT consulting, mainly concerning the products and the assistance they offer. Each member of the team is highly qualified having graduated from a respectable university and has the experience needed to work in this field.

Software outsourcing services

One of the most praised services the company offers is software outsourcing. The adequately chosen team will be able to support the client in the creation of new systems or upgrading and fixing the errors in the already existing ones. The advantage of working with a corporation from Poland is a significant reduction of the costs for the consumer without losing the quality of the solutions. Each software outsourcing deal is discussed in detail before signing the agreement to make sure both sides are thoroughly informed and satisfied with the conditions.

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