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Advertising the services of a company is a long and multilayered process. The marketing strategy has to be thoroughly planned, including the type of materials and media used, as well as their designs, slogans and branding. Best Promotional is a company, which is going to help businessmen from various industries in preparing interesting gadgets for both potential and regular customers. They specialise in manufacturing dome stickers - resistant to water and being scratched - which can be placed both outside and inside.

Eye-catching dome stickers

The process of producing dome stickers includes two main tasks. First, the company has to print the design sent by the client on a special material, covered with glue on one side. Second, the employees of the company meticulously put epoxy resin on their surface. After drying, the layer gives the decal an eye-catching look by making it seem three-dimensional. Dome stickers will not absorb water, which is why they can be used outside - on cars, buildings and other constructions. Moreover, the epoxy will also prevent the product from getting scratches on its surface.

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