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There are many people who collect traditional music instruments, historically accurate military uniforms, but also blades and firearms known from films and TV series. They will definitely be more than happy with the assortment of products available in Special Replicas online shop. The company offers Viking, Roman and samurai swords, but also highly engraved medieval blades used by the knights of the Teutonic Order, Sovereign Military Order of Malta and many more. All of the replicas available are manufactured with great care and attention to details to look just as the weapon they are based on.

Grandiose samurai sword

Samurai were the military nobility caste in Japan from as early as the twelfth century until their abolition in the nineteenth. They were highly known for their incredible battle skills, beautiful and deadly weapons and intricate armour. A samurai sword, known also as a katana, is a slightly curved, single-edged blade with a large handle allowing the two-handed grip. The weapon was praised for its sharpness and its unique appearance, making it easily recognised not only in Japan, but also in many other countries throughout the globe.

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