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Are you looking for a reliable seller of quality weapon replicas? Maybe you are partaking in a historical re-enactment and need to find suitable clothing, armour and equipment? No matter if you are an actor hired to play a knight or a person with a huge liking for history, you will definitely appreciate the products available at Their collection of rifles, pistols, shotguns, Viking swords, maces, knives gives you many other items for sale. The company sells also a number of accessories, which help in storing and exhibiting the acquired products.

Viking sword

If you are a fan of Nordic countries, then you must have considered getting yourself a Viking sword. has many of those for sale, so you should definitely get acquainted with their offer. You can choose blades with an ornate hill, simple guards or an interesting model of a single cutting edge knife - Seax of Beagnoth. Each Viking sword for sale is carefully manufactured to look indistinguishable from its real life version. Definitely get one if you are into collecting historical weapons.

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