Reproductions of swords, firearms and clothing

People who are interested in history or weaponry will be pleased to hear about the vast collection of replica weapons at The online shop offers thousands of products, all inspired by real firearms, blades and clothes used in the past. The company is not only interested in the Wester Civilisation, but also in the Orient and the East, which is why they offer i.e. katana swords for sale. Moreover, the shop supplies also a variety of decorations, like figurines, sculptures or simply the replicas, which can also be used as a part of the interior design.

A realistic katana sword for sale

Among the shops collection there is for example a katana sword for sale, inspired by the blade used by the Japanese legendary warriors - the samurai. The products offered by the company serve decorative purpose only and are made of stainless steel. Depending on the finishing touch, the materials can be professionally mixed to create interesting patterns on the blade itself. Customers can find there katana swords known from movies, shows, but also those resembling real existing ones, which can be found in museums and private collections.

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